Commercial Kiln Repair Services

Kiln Repair at McNeil

Your kiln is essential for cement or ceramics manufacturing, thermal processing and other heat-treatment applications. As your equipment ages, you could encounter issues with heat leakage, malfunctioning controllers and monitors or safety issues due to integrity loss.

Regardless of your industry, restoring your kiln’s capabilities is our top priority. With over 80 years of experience in heat management solutions, McNeil is the provider of all your quality kiln repairs on the East Coast.

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Does Your Kiln Need Repair Work?

Depending on your kiln’s functions, you may need to address:

  • Residual buildup: Material deposits can build up over time on the surface of your kiln, such as minerals and dust. This can disrupt the flow for rotary kilns and affect equal heating throughout the chamber.
  • Rotary sagging and flexing: Plant operators with heating chambers in continuous motion will need to watch for any signs of buckling or misshaping. These problems often impact refractory.
  • Refractory damage: The kiln’s insulating material slowly loses its effectiveness due to wear and tear. If these products deteriorate, your kiln lining may experience cracks and spalls. These issues can weaken the structure to the point of failure or lead to inefficient heat distribution.

If you notice deficiencies with your kiln, call the professionals at McNeil. We’re committed to helping you avoid costly breakdowns and long-term interruptions.

Professional Kiln Repair

Our Kiln Repair Services

McNeil is your source for comprehensive commercial kiln services, including preventative maintenance and emergency repairs. Our service team has thorough training in diagnosing problems with all types of commercial kilns. In some cases, we can pick up your kiln, repair it at one of our New Jersey, Virginia or Florida locations, then reinstall it at your facility.

We offer the most streamlined kiln services available to avoid extended shutdowns at your site, including:

  • Kiln cleaning: Our technicians clear difficult blockages and buildups from your kiln using innovative methods. We choose our options carefully to avoid damaging your refractory.
  • Refractory repair: We resolve vulnerabilities that affect your kiln’s heating consistency. We have access to superior materials sourced from our manufacturing partners and our internal inventory. Whether it’s recementing or replacing fire brick, or creating new lining through casting, pumping or other techniques, we have you covered.

In addition to repairs for doors, lifters and other components, we perform professional kiln replacement with new factory models when necessary.

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At McNeil, we focus on timeliness and safety in everything we do. With our expertise, high-quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment, we will help you increase production efficiency and reduce unscheduled downtime.

Contact us to receive a competitive quote for rotary kiln maintenance or repairs in your area. Get in touch with our kiln service professionals by calling (800) 722-5538 or completing our online form.

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