Commercial Boiler Repair Services

Boiler Repair Services at McNeil

A well-maintained industrial boiler will last longer and give you uninterrupted production at your facility. However, years of use can take its toll. With three locations to serve you in New Jersey, Virginia and Florida, McNeil services all types of industrial boilers. Whether your commercial equipment is powered by electric or gas or utilizes hot water or steam, we’re capable of returning your equipment to OEM standards.

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Symptoms and Effects of a Broken Commercial Boiler

Inspect your system regularly to identify boiler problems such as:

  • Water leaks: Look for water stains and puddling around the base and vulnerabilities in the pipes and fittings. A telltale sign of a leak is rust and corrosion around these components.
  • Temperature regulation issues: Unusual readings could be from issues with the burner pilot, blower or diffuser. Improperly heated feedwater impacts efficiency and may cause temperature swings that result in quicker deterioration and cracks.
  • Damaged refractory materials: If not properly installed or renewed due to natural wear, refractory products cannot safeguard your equipment from heat and pressure damage. Look for cracked, flaking or chipped material.
  • Ventilation issues: Irregular exhaust temperatures and obstructed vents can cause hazardous conditions with gases.
  • Scale and soot buildup: Without proper cleaning, your boiler’s heat transfer rate is affected and could lead to overheating and breakdowns.

Allowing minor issues to go unaddressed will only lead to bigger problems. Boilers are pressurized systems that must avoid mechanical failure. When you notice damage or unusual operation with your industrial boiler, it’s time to call McNeil.

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Our Boiler Refractory Repair Services

We have trained and certified boiler repair professionals recognized by The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. We’ll perform a thorough on-site diagnosis, then swap parts or clean, patch and troubleshoot as necessary. Our services include:

  • Boiler maintenance and inspections: Our comprehensive assessment of your system includes the heating, water, auxiliary, ventilation and wiring. We’ll also test pressure and calibrate control rates to fine-tune your boiler’s performance.
  • Refractory repair: We have everything needed to line, reinsulate and protect your boiler, including coatings, castables, plastics and many other premium refractory materials. We also have replacement gaskets for the entry and exit points.
  • Component and vessel repair: McNeil has the inventory and tools to install a new burner system, mend piping and conduct other miscellaneous repairs.
  • Boiler cleaning: We clean both the fire and water sides of the machine to remove contamination and clear flue passages of debris.
  • Boiler replacement: In the rare case that your equipment’s condition cannot be fixed, we offer fast installation of a new, efficient boiler.

Find Your Boiler Repair Solutions at McNeil

For over 80 years, our team has provided reliable, flexible boiler repair services. You can depend on our industrial boiler repair, maintenance and cleaning services to keep your operations running for years to come.

Call McNeil today by phone at (800) 722-5538 or use our online quote form to receive an estimate on the boiler services needed at your location.

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