McNeil’s Commitment to Safety

McNeil's Commitment to Safety

Safety is vital for any industry. When dealing with boiler and refractory safety, it’s essential to partner with a company that puts safety first. Safer policies and procedures mean more efficient work, better results and less downtime. If you want to get the job done right, trust a company that invests in employee safety. At McNeil, we have extensive safety policies in place to help protect our team and give you the best results possible.

General Safety

In addition to following general safety rules McNeil personnel are certified in

  1. OSHA 10
  2. Confined space training.
  3. Hot work.
  4. Forklift and aerial training.
  5. Excavation and shoring training.
  6. Respirator fit testing.
  7. Rigging
  8. TWIC
  9. Process safety management. (PSM)

Safety is a central focus at McNeil. We focus on the well-being of our employees and clients through our commitment to strict safety measures. Our comprehensive approach to safety ensures our workforce gets expert training, keeping them safe on the job. Our general safety guidelines educate employees on job safety in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

McNeil employees receive thorough training in all general safety standards. We emphasize safety, communication and vigilance. Our safety suggestion program encourages team members to contribute to enhancing safety protocols. With this practice, we can evolve our safety standards to create a constantly improving operation. This collaborative effort keeps our safety approach dynamic and responsive.

General safety training at McNeil covers the following:

  • Lifting
  • Fire prevention
  • Material handling
  • Electrical precautions
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Handling hazardous materials and chemicals
  • General safety instruction on listening, awareness and equipment operation
  • Keeping exits, work areas and floors clean and clear
  • Proper equipment storage
  • Proper vehicle use
  • Color coding
  • Sanitation
  • Signage

Working with McNeil means working with a company dedicated to the highest safety standards. We strive to create a safe, alert workplace, prioritizing employee safety and product quality. With our commitment to safety, you can trust us to act as a reliable partner in every project we take on.

Welding Safety

We have an unwavering commitment to safety in welding, cutting and bracing operations. Our safety practices align with OSHA regulations 1910.254 and 1926.350, where one or both are relevant. We have detailed training and safety procedures for our welding practices. McNeil practices thorough welding safety with:

  • Authorized personnel: Only our properly trained and authorized employees can engage in welding, cutting, bracing, grinding or other hotwork. This helps ensure a safe and competent workforce, giving you the desired results.
  • Safety zones and procedures: McNeil’s welding safety outlines designated areas and careful procedures to help employees. They learn to use equipment safely, manage fire hazards and remain alert while on the job. Keeping our team trained and aware helps us deliver our services without sacrificing safety.
  • Fire hazard communication: Our employees have a comprehensive fire hazard education. They watch and account for fire hazards while on the job.
  • PPE and safe practices: McNeil supervisors and employees use proper PPE on the job to keep themselves and others safe. Every McNeil team member performing welding tasks completely understands safe practices. They know fire prevention, proper ventilation, health risks and how to follow precautionary labels.

Plumbing and Boiler Safety

Plumbing and Boiler Safety

McNeil’s boiler repair services help businesses maintain and repair their boilers. Working with this equipment means establishing procedures to protect employees while they work. We practice thorough boiler safety through:

  • Certified expertise: At McNeil, only trained and certified plumbers can perform plumbing and boiler work for our clients. Our team understands plumbing, boiler and electrical safety. Using trained and certified plumbers means you get expertise and quality with every McNeil job.
  • Regulatory compliance: McNeil follows all applicable health and safety regulations for plumbing and boiler work. We encourage regular training to ensure our team is updated on safety practices and regulations. We’re dedicated to creating a workplace that prioritizes safety for better service.
  • PPE: All McNeil employees involved in plumbing and boiler operations receive and use the necessary PPE, such as goggles, gloves and other protective equipment when needed. The right PPE minimizes the risks associated with these tasks.
  • Immediate reporting: We emphasize a proactive approach to safety. McNeil encourages all employees to report unsafe acts and conditions immediately. This approach creates a culture of collective responsibility, boosting safety and project quality.

Fall Protection

At McNeil, ensuring the safety of our team is essential to our operation. Fall protection is a critical aspect of our work — we follow OSHA requirements for fall protection covered in 1926 Subpart M and 1910 Subpart D to ensure we follow industry standards in fall safety. Our comprehensive approach to fall protection includes:

  • Fall protection program: Fall protection measures are required at several work sites. McNeil has a dedicated fall protection program with measures and protocols for keeping sites safe. Our program works to reduce hazards, keep employees informed and provide a reference for our team to follow when working.
  • Protection program administrator: McNeil’s program administrator designs, oversees and maintains our fall protection program. A dedicated administrator helps keep our program focused and organized for better safety and efficiency.
  • Thorough procedures: McNeil provides written fall protection procedures and conducts training in fall protection systems. Our detailed procedures give our team the knowledge to navigate potential fall hazards.
  • Qualified onsite personnel: Every work site has qualified personnel with the knowledge, training and authority to help prevent fall injuries. Our qualified individuals have relevant degrees, certificates, training and experience. Qualified personnel review fall safety measures, enforce onsite following of safety procedures and control for hazards to create a secure work environment.

Ladder and Stair Safety

We work to promote safety at every step of the job. From our project focus to job equipment, we train our employees in industry standards for safety to create a safer, more effective workplace. McNeil has ladder and stair safety procedures compliant with OSHA 1926 Subpart X and 1910 Subpart D to help ensure job safety. All McNeil employees receive detailed training to help keep them and others safe on the site. We strive to create a comfortable, safe working environment with our:

  • Storage protocols: Proper ladder and stair storage are essential to keeping equipment safe and lasting. Our policy lays out proper ladder storage in designated, dry, ventilated and secure areas. Employees store equipment according to type and get regular checks to ensure safety.
  • Maintenance procedures: Routine maintenance is key to our ladder and stair safety measures. Stairs and ladders get regular inspections and care to keep them in top condition. We encourage employees to report damage, defects and hazards to ensure our equipment is at its best. We quickly repair or replace damaged equipment to protect our employees and job sites.
  • Hazard recognition: McNeil prioritizes hazard recognition at every turn. Ladders and stairs come with risks, so we train employees on hazard recognition to help protect their safety. Understanding what to look out for helps us stay on top of preventative measures to reduce risk.
  • Communication: Our safety culture encourages open communication. If an employee spots a hazard, our policy requires them to report problems to keep everyone safe. This collaboration helps us resolve risks faster for a safer work environment.

Invest in Quality and Safety With McNeil

At McNeil, we’re dedicated to delivering unmatched quality and safety to businesses. Our services cover repair and installation for incinerators, boilers and furnaces and an extensive range of mechanical work. We have decades of experience, so you can count on our team to deliver safe, efficient work every time. Use us for all your custom construction needs and experience exceptional materials and services tailored to your needs. Get a quote for your next project with us online today!

Invest in Quality and Safety With McNeil

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