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Mechanical Services at McNeil

McNeil offers several types of mechanical services for industrial, commercial and institutional facilities and equipment. Our offerings comprise various construction services that establish, maintain and enhance commercial infrastructures and assets. We employ numerous construction, engineering and welding professionals who execute mechanical services with speed and accuracy.

Your business becomes our top priority when you work with us, so expect responsive communication and attentive diligence during the entire process.

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Types of Mechanical Services We Provide

McNeil is an experienced mechanical service company with a portfolio that spans numerous industries. Our mechanical services are available to businesses in industries such as steel and aluminumwaste-to-energy and power generation. We also service refineries and chemical and mineral plants. Our mechanical services include:

  • Pipe fitting
  • Facility maintenance
  • Welding and welding repair
  • Certified stud welding
  • Overlay and repair welding
  • Equipment rigging and installation
  • Excavation construction services
  • Scaffolding
  • Pipe and vessel insulation
  • Wet tap construction
  • Sandblasting
  • Underground services
  • Hydro excavation
  • Concrete civil services

Pipe Fitting

We offer comprehensive pipe fitting services that include torquing, tensioning, blinding, isolation, faulty valve identification and faulty valve replacement. No matter what type of pipes you need, our staff comprises skilled technicians with the experience and certifications necessary to fit steel, aluminum, copper, plastic and iron pipes. We’ll wield our weld-on and screw-on techniques to deliver quality piping systems to minimize future leaks and reduce the risk of pipe damage. McNeil uses top-notch fittings to improve the delivery of fluids and gasses being transported and to reduce corrosion. You can count on our experts for efficient and accurate work that allows us to complete jobs fast and prevent equipment failure.

Facility Maintenance Assistance

When you work with McNeil for facility maintenance assistance, our professionals will help your team through the process of inspecting the assets and equipment inside your facility. Our knowledgeable experts will leverage their years of expertise to determine and execute maintenance practices that will preserve the value and efficiency of your assets. We offer these services for non-manufacturing commercial buildings to help you safeguard your assets and boost productivity.

Welding and Welding Repairs

We specialize in three forms of welding — stick welding, tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding and metal inert gas (MIG) welding. These three methods cover a wide range of applications and materials, enabling us to form strong bonds that withstand heavy stress in industrial and commercial environments. You can rely on our team for strength, precision and speed when fusing common materials, and we also offer commercial welding repair services. Choose us for regular maintenance of welded equipment or emergency welding repair services.

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Certified Stud Welding

As an expert mechanical service company, we can help with all your stud welding needs. Our welding professionals are skilled at performing fast and efficient attachments using advanced equipment. The high-speed process produces strong welds that can outlast the materials it connects. As a result, the materials won’t weaken or become faulty at the joints.

Our welders are certified in stud welding and leverage the latest industry practices with every project we tackle. We conduct high-quality, high-precision stud welding with maximum weld penetration and dependability for numerous applications. We securely fasten studs using a clean, accurate and fast process.

Overlay and Repair Welding

With our overlay and repair welding, we can give your equipment an extra layer of protection that enables it to be more resistant to corrosion, wear and heat. Our experienced welders use TIG or MIG welding techniques to create an overlay that suits your applications.

Our weld overlay can enhance the structural integrity and extend the lifespan of your components. On top of hardening the surface for increased resistance to harsh environments and substances, our overlay processes repair damaged components. We can help you restore the metal’s functionality so you avoid replacement, reduce downtime and save costs.

Equipment Rigging and Installation

We can handle all your equipment rigging and installation needs. Our skilled technicians have the expertise to remove and relocate your heavy machinery safely. We take careful consideration when preparing the equipment for transport or installation. We use the necessary tools and techniques to load, relocate and unload heavy machinery efficiently without causing damage.

Our team can also install various types of heavy equipment. Using our technical expertise, dedication to quality work and precise skill, we can install your machinery at your new location while prioritizing safety throughout the entire process.

Excavation Construction Services

We offer excavation construction services to facilitate a proper start to your project. At McNeil, we understand that a building or structure is only as strong as what lies beneath it. Our experts help ensure your construction is built on a stable foundation.

Whether you’re working on a small or large-scale project, our team will carefully examine the site and set the groundwork for your foundation. We will clear the area of any obstructions, from dirt to trees, using high-quality machinery. Our excavation contractors have experience with various projects, including roads, building foundations and reservoirs.


Our scaffolding services include the engineering and installation of sturdy structures to provide access to work areas and support for your crew and equipment. Our scaffolding solutions meet OSHA safety standards for design, construction, use and performance. We construct and install scaffolding for equipment such as boilers, furnaces and incinerators. Regardless of the complexity of your scaffolding requirements, we have the skills and systems to design a solution that fits your needs.

We strive to create an efficient and safe working environment with enhanced convenience. Beyond quality engineering, our skilled team also achieves that goal through maintenance and ensuring that the system functions optimally.

Pipe and Vessel Insulation

At McNeil, we provide heat management solutions for commercial and industrial settings, including pipe and vessel insulation. We can customize various high-quality insulation materials to your pipes’ exact specifications, ensuring the ultimate protection against temperature changes.

With our pipe and vessel insulation, you can prevent heat loss or condensation that could lead to corrosion or other forms of damage to the piping. These materials can also help preserve the quality of the contents running through the pipes. Additionally, you can increase workplace safety for personnel working around the pipes and vessels with the proper insulation.

Wet Tap Construction

As part of our comprehensive mechanical services, we specialize in wet tap construction. Our expert team has an in-depth understanding and experience with the complex processes involved in wet taps. We are skilled at performing wet tap construction on various types of pipes under all kinds of pressure conditions.

Whether it’s a water supply or a sewerage line, our experts make sure there are disruptions to the flow and the system as we work. Our wet tap services allow you to add new construction tie-ins, bypass old systems and conduct necessary maintenance and repairs on the pipework.


We offer professional sandblasting services for any commercial or industrial-sized project. Our highly trained team takes the necessary precautions to complete the job safely. We can effectively remove stubborn materials from your equipment and other surfaces, leaving them smooth and spotless. Whether you’re dealing with built-up debris or rust, our team will employ state-of-the-art sandblasting equipment to remove those unwanted layers from the surface.

Our sandblasting services can also help create smooth surfaces to prepare your machinery for coating. We can produce an even finish that gives your equipment a new look.

Underground Services

At McNeil, we provide underground services to install, repair and maintain utility pipes. We can install and maintain boiler condensate pipes, pipes for hot and cold water supply and utilities to carry underground steam. We also install and maintain entire sewerage line systems and stormwater drainage set-ups.

Underground utility installation, maintenance and repair are laborious and complicated work but crucial to meeting the needs of large commercial construction projects and ensuring the proper functioning of utilities in commercial buildings and homes. We use advanced pipe inspection cameras, pressure testing devices and other repair equipment to ensure quality repair services. We also use high-caliber trenching machines and pipe-laying equipment to provide efficient and quality installation.

Our skilled welders and pipefitters work together as an experienced team to ensure pipes are properly aligned and connected. We provide safe and quality services, and all work adheres to local codes and regulations.

Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation utilizes the power of pressurized water and a high-pressure vacuum to meticulously remove soil from an excavation site. The vacuum truck will use high-pressure water to loosen the ground around the excavation site and suck the debris into the truck’s storage tank using a vacuum system.

Traditional excavation equipment can damage underground sewerage systems and utility lines and harm the environment around the excavation site. Our Hydro excavation process offers a safer excavation method, as your workforce doesn’t need to handle equipment in a trench. Hydro excavation also minimizes the risk of cave-ins.

Hydro excavation is also cost-effective as a single hydro excavation truck can do the work of multiple pieces of equipment and does not require a large workforce. As this excavation process is much faster than manual digging, you can expedite your project, saving you labor costs and time.

After completing your excavation project, McNeil will transport the debris gathered in the truck’s tank, keeping your worksite clean. We offer an extensive fleet of hydro excavation trucks ready to meet your excavation needs.

Concrete Civil Services

Our capable team can confidently work on an enormous scope of civil concrete projects. We can demolish established concrete foundations and structures and lay new ones. You can also utilize our concrete services for:

  • Paving
  • Drainage ditches and trenches
  • Retainer walls
  • Underground electrical duct banks
  • Sumps and pump stations
  • Pedestals for piping, pumps and equipment support
  • Intake and overflow stations

Whatever your civil concrete needs, our team is ready to pave the way.

Our equipment operators work with state-of-the-art pavers, trenchers and other professional-grade equipment to ensure efficiency and polished results. Apart from utilizing high-quality machinery, we also provide custom concrete mixes to meet your unique project requirements, whether you need concrete with enhanced strength, a reduced setting rate, better workability or concrete that reduces corrosion.

With over eight decades of providing exceptional service, we’ve accumulated a masterful team that works hard to ensure we complete your project on time and within your budget. You can trust McNeil with your next civil concrete project.

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McNeil is a mechanical service company with more than 80 years of experience partnering with commercial customers. Our mechanical services lay the groundwork for efficient, profitable facilities. We offer installation, maintenance and repair services for pipes, concrete, machinery and structures. For more information on our mechanical services and how we can benefit your business, request a quote today.

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