Ceramic Fiber Felts

Ceramic fiber felts are high-performance insulating materials designed to withstand extreme temperatures. They are thinner than ceramic fiber blankets, making them lightweight, flexible and easy to install. These qualities make the material an efficient solution for enhancing energy efficiency and protecting equipment in high-temperature environments for industries such as petrochemical, aerospace and architectural.

McNeil provides quality ceramic fiber cloth that is simple to shape and cut according to your industrial applications.

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What Are Ceramic Fiber Felts?

Ceramic fiber felts are advanced insulating materials composed primarily of high-purity aluminosilicate fibers. The primary characteristic of ceramic fibers is their ability to withstand high temperatures, often up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, they are ideal for applications requiring durable insulation in harsh temperatures. They exhibit low thermal conductivity, meaning they effectively prevent heat transfer. These felts also resist thermal shock, so they will not crack, break or deteriorate under stressful thermal conditions.

Additionally, ceramic fiber felts are chemically stable and resistant to corrosive chemicals, allowing them to maintain their integrity and performance over long periods. They are also flexible and easy to handle, which simplifies their installation and allows them to be used in various shapes and configurations.

Ceramic fiber modules lining done by our Virginia crew.

What Are Ceramic Fiber Felts Used For?

Some of the applications of ceramic fiber felts include:

  • Furnace insulation: Because ceramic fiber felts are versatile insulation materials, they provide thermal barriers that enhance energy efficiency and reduce heat loss. This makes ceramic fiber felts indispensable in industries such as steel, ceramics and gas, where maintaining high temperatures is crucial for their production process.
  • Construction of fiber doors: The insulative properties of ceramic fiber felts help prevent fire and smoke from spreading, ensuring safety and compliance with fire regulations. Their ability to withstand extreme heat makes them ideal for this application, providing essential fire resistance and insulation properties.
  • Heating pipes: The ability to handle high temperatures and insulative properties allows ceramic fiber cloth to minimize heat loss while transporting hot fluids or gases. This improves energy efficiency and reduces operational costs. Adding the felts to heating pipes is especially beneficial in petrochemical processing industries, and they are ideal for applications like furnace linings and sealing.
  • Expansion joints: Ceramic fiber felts accommodate thermal expansion and contraction while maintaining a tight seal. These characteristics ensure the efficiency of high-temperature systems, prevent leaks and maintain optimal performance.

Why Choose McNeil?

At McNeil, we understand how crucial refractory materials are. Adding our ceramic fiber felts to your industrial processes must be simple. That’s why we are dedicated to helping you find the right ceramic fiber solutions for you. Our ceramic fiber felts provide unmatched performance with high-temperature resistance and thermal insulation. They are versatile, reliable, high-performance insulation materials that are easy to install, safe, long-lasting and innovative.

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