A Guide for Ground Flare Repair

April 18, 2024

Ground flare systems offer unique benefits and challenges to industrial facilities. As one of the most important parts of an industrial plant, flare systems enhance safety for workers and the environment. Like every other well-used system, they need regular maintenance and occasional repair. Repairing a ground flare system can be expensive since it requires all […]

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Where Are Fiberglass Gaskets Used?

December 20, 2023

Fiberglass is a highly durable, heat-resistant sealant. Its flexibility and versatility make it the premier choice for sealing and high-temperature applications across dozens of industries. Gaskets are subjected to extreme conditions — failure can be catastrophic. If you want to ensure safety and efficiency, using one of the many fiberglass sealing options helps protect your […]

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Should You Replace or Fix Your Commercial Boiler?

July 12, 2023

The boiler inside your business needs to be in working order. Pressurized equipment should be monitored to ensure work environments are safe for employees and liquids can be heated accordingly. If you’re a facility manager, you’ll need to act on commercial boiler maintenance and repairs. Is it better to restore or replace an industrial boiler? […]

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McNeil USA Wins Top Waste to Energy Solutions Provider 2023

March 21, 2023

  Recently, the technology magazine Energy Tech Review announced their Top 10 Waste to Energy Solutions Providing Companies of 2023, and McNeil USA was one of them! Energy Tech Review wrote a spotlight article highlighting McNeil’s unique approach, complete with quotes from our president, Jim Schuhl Sr. Read the complete article here:

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Industrial Boiler Troubleshooting

March 14, 2023

Any industry that utilizes boilers can experience issues that lead to boiler problems, bringing operations to a standstill. All boilers are likely to run into issues from time to time. Knowing what common problems can occur, how to troubleshoot them and what your next steps are can help keep your boiler in good condition. Common […]

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How Do Commercial Boilers Work?

February 3, 2023

A commercial boiler contains water and transfers heat from a fuel source, such as gas, oil or coal, into steam. The steam is piped to a specific location, allowing it to run equipment, sterilize, steam-clean or provide heat. These boilers are essential to transfer heat energy from one place in your business to another, allowing […]

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Boiler Maintenance Checklist

November 17, 2021

When was the last time your boiler was checked? If you can’t remember, it’s probably time to schedule some routine boiler maintenance. Just like cars, boilers also need a tuneup every so often. In addition to making sure everything is functioning, scheduling boiler maintenance is the best way to prevent future malfunctions, increasing the longevity […]

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Annual Steam Boiler Open and General Maintenance

August 24, 2021

One of the essential parts of maintaining industrial steam boilers is the annual steam boiler open. You can schedule maintenance checks every one to two years, depending on the kind of steam boiler you have.  High-pressure steam boilers — those above 15 psi — need inspections at least once a year to maintain their function. […]

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Why Boiler Tube Repair Is Important

Boiler tubes are the primary sources of heat transfer in any boiler system. The type of system you have changes the layout, but all boilers must transfer heat from the fire side to the water side. The tubes handle that transfer and steam release for the entire system. Regardless of your industry, boiler tube maintenance […]

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When Should You Replace Refractory Materials?

December 16, 2020

Refractories are vital components in boilers and furnaces. These linings of brick and high-temperature cements act as a protective lining against the ongoing processes within a boiler’s combustion chamber, including destructive heat, abrasion and corrosion. Installing refractories correctly is essential for ensuring efficient and safe operation in both industrial and commercial boilers. However, just as […]

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