Ceramic Fiber Papers

Ceramic fiber papers are lightweight insulating materials with exceptional thermal stability and resistance to high temperatures. Their flexibility, uniformity and good tensile strength make them suitable for various industrial demands.

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What Are Ceramic Fiber Papers?

Ceramic fiber paper comprises high-purity aluminosilicate fibers, additives and binders. It is designed to be flexible and uniform for high-temperature applications. Ceramic fiber paper delivers excellent tensile strength, low thermal conductivity and low shrinkage. It is well-suited for various uses, from expansion joints to insulation for refractory bricks and the lining of combustion chambers.

These paper products are asbestos-free and can be seamlessly rolled, cut, folded and manipulated.

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Ceramic Fiber Paper Applications

Ceramic fiber paper is corrosive resistant, has excellent dielectric strength and good handling flexibility, making it ideal for various industrial applications:

  • Mold wraps: Ceramic fiber papers are perfect for lining metal casts. They provide robust insulation, preventing heat loss during casting and delivering a smooth finish on the metal.
  • Expansion joints: Equipment manufacturers leverage ceramic fiber papers to create seals in expansion joints. Industrial equipment, like kilns, reactors and furnaces, require pliant insulation during thermal expansion and contraction. The ceramic fiber papers are well-suited for this process and prevent leaks, ensuring equipment integrity.
  • Gaskets: Ceramic fiber papers are cut and molded into seals and gaskets for high-temperature applications. Their excellent thermal resistance and durability make them ideal for sealing furnaces, boilers and other industrial equipment.
  • Die-cut parts: This material’s density and flexibility make it suited for creating custom-shaped components. The ceramic fiber paper die-cut parts deliver the precise shape and size needed for sealing or insulation in industrial operations.
  • Insulation: The lightweight ceramic fiber paper features structural uniformity and low thermal conductivity, perfect for high-temperature insulation. You can leverage the ceramic fiber papers to insulate doors, walls and other components in refractory furnaces and boilers’ heating or steam generation employments. This insulating material improves system efficiency and minimizes heat loss.

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