Repair Services

Mechanical Repairs

McNeil Sales and Service possesses a National Board ‘R’ Stamp (#R4938), which means that all mechanical repairs can be performed…up to and including first valve shut-off.

Here are some of the boiler repairs that we perform:

    • Re-tubing (Fire Tube and Water Tube)
    • Casing Repairs
    • Burner Mounting and Installation
    • Tube Sheet Repairs
    • Steam and Mud Drum Valve Installation
    • Boiler Cleaning (Fire Side and Water Side)
    • Miscellaneous Repairs, Installations and More

In-House Services

McNeil can provide you with repair and installation services at any of our various facilities. We can readily remove furnaces from your plant location, then line and return them to you…with very little disruption to your operation and, many times, at a considerable cost savings to you. Please contact us for more detail information.


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