High-Temperature Gaskets

Advantages and Benefits

* Die-Cut, Hand-Cut and Slit Superior-Quality Products Made from 100% Asbestos-Free, Non-Metallic Material
* All Products Specifically-Designed for Heat-Sensitive Industrial Solutions to 3000ºF
* Small to Large Orders Manufactured in Any Size or Shape to Exact Customer Requirements and Precise Military Specifications
* Guaranteed Fast Turnaround, Personal Service, Very Competitive Prices and Proven Gasket-Cutting Experience

Call or fax in your drawings for a quick quotation, usually within 24-hours


Special Properties

* Die-cut parts provide an economical means of meeting gasket, spacer and seal requirements
* Textile-covered products are used for applications requiring repeated use or ease in handling/installation
* Special parts made from Fiberfrax® Paper, Fiberfrax® Board and Fiberfrax® Lo-Con Felt offer diverse engineering applications

All parts are custom-fabricated to exact shapes and precise tolerances. We can also apply foil, lagging and adhesive backing or fulfill special packaging needs.

Tolerances & Thicknesses

Blanket, Felt
Board, Laminate
Laminate (Machined)
Width and Length +/- 3.18mm
+/- 0.80mm
+/- 0.80mm
+/- 0.13mm
+/- 1.58mm

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