Kiln Size: 25 to 200 Cubic Foot Interior Stacking Dimensions

Boilers and Kilns

Refractory Applications and Product Recommendations
There are several types of package water tube and fire tube boilers available, all of which require occasional refractory and installation maintenance in order to insure maximum efficiency and fuel savings. McNeil offers a complete line of monolithic refractory products to meet the unique demands of these units, as well as the installation expertise required to provide fast response, specific refractory applications and grade recommendations.

Applications and Grade Recommendations
McNeil supplies and installs a broad line of monolithic refractory specialties, Please consult your McNeil representative for the individual needs of your package water/fire tube boilers and/or technical support on the McNeil products currently available.


Designs for Custom Art and Hobby Kilns
McNeil’s Heat Products and Services Division can supply academic institutions, private ceramists, artists and ceramic studios with upgraded, affordable and well-designed, custom-made pottery kilns. These kilns are not “cookie-cutter” manufactured, with each kiln specially-designed to
accommodate the type and size of ware that you individually manufacture.

Kiln Types

* Batch Type with Fixed Hearth and Swinging Door
* Car Type with Single In-Line Track and Door (Attached to Car)
* Car Type with T-Track and Turntable, Swinging Door and Two Flat-Top Cars


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